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College Graduates

Graduating from college is both thrilling and overwhelming experience. As excited as you are, it's easy to feel anxious and afraid that you might not find the right job as quickly as you need to. Figuring out where to begin on that journey can be challenging and a daunting endeavor. I've been there too, and no matter whether you need to fine-tune your interview skills, create a captivating CV or LinkedIN profile, I can help. I will guide you through your first steps in this exciting new environment. Making a vivid first impression is imperative to your success, and with my experience, I will help you to build your unique authentic brand, that will allow you to successfully enter the competitive market and perpetuate your success for years to follow.

Rapid career progression and development

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to your career? You are eager, and perhaps even desperate, to get promoted but aren't sure how to progress any further? To feel fulfilled you need and deserve more responsibility and visibility to stand out among the rest. That's where I come in.
With personal experience I will help you navigate your company by coaching you on necessary behaviors and attitudes you need to adopt to achieve success in the workplace. I will relay to you my knowledge of tried and true skills, and strategies for advancing which have proven successful many times over. Unlike many other career coaches and consultants who have since abandoned the corporate world, I love my corporate job. Being actively involved in that environment, allows me to know exactly what it takes to flourish and get promoted. Corporate work is where I thrive, and I can get you to that place as well. Together we can put a plan that will expose you to your full potential and send you soaring up the corporate ladder. Let’s define your success formula.

Returning to work after a career break

Returning to work after a career break can be a daunting experience. Once you are ready to get back you may experience a lot of self-doubt. You may find yourself questioning your knowledge, your value, past contribution or even if you are still qualified at all. Job search can be overwhelming process again. There is no reason to concern yourself with this; however, I can show you why.
Working with me will instill a sense of confidence and empowerment in you. With this correct attitude you will be able to take on the world again. You will be able to effectively network to ensure you are always in the right place at the right time, you will learn how to successfully navigate the world of social media, prepare impressive and remarkable resumes, and learn how to pitch your skills to prospective employers. I can lead you to successful interviews and proper evaluation of job offers, and I will even stay with you to guide you during the period that it takes to adjust to your new environment.

International Career

You have an insatiable desire to experience living abroad, gaining international exposure is important to you, and whether you dream of moving internationally or need help settling in your new country, I can help, I have experienced both. After years of dreaming of moving abroad, I relocated from Poland to the United States and shortly after to United Kingdom. I now work for an international company out of London and have been recognized by United States Vice Presidents for my achievemnest and contribution.
I can help you to achieve the same success. By helping you to attract similar opportunities abroad and putting you on the road to reach your goals, your future is safe in my hands. I specialize in helping you to get comfortable in the new culture you are surrounded by, helping you to integrate and network seamlessly so that you can fully enjoy all of the thrills and opportunities that come with living abroad.