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Meet rafal muchowicz

Having been born and raised in a quiet, small industrial town in Poland, my early years were largely uneventful. From the age of 15, I dreamed every day of moving abroad to either the United States of America or to London. At that age, I had already developed a plan of action and made the decision to go to a high school that boasted an international exchange program to make my dreams a reality. From there, I completed my Masters of Arts in a field that I could easily translate my skills globally.

I chose to go to one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Central Eastern Europe. It wasn't until 2007 that I got my first job internationally. This position led me to where I am currently. I managed to achieve a happy balance between work and home life which was always my ultimate goal.

My point is that no matter what it is that you are passionate about doing and no matter what sort of background you come from, you can make any dream come true if you access the discipline and structure inside you. If I am able to do it, so can you.


In the present day, I am employed as an EMEA HR Manager with an international financial services company in the city of London. In my work, I help senior, high-profile client groups alongside individual contributors from the EMEA, the USA, Australia and the Asian Pacific.


I have a heartfelt fascination and appreciation of people of different heritages and cultures, and it was this, coupled with my love of cosmopolitanism, that compelled me to move to and build a flourishing life in London.


It is in this position that I get to entertain my love of the corporate environment. I thrive in a corporate setting, and personally, I love the fast pace and the ever-changing landscape. I thrill of learning new things, restructuring my world and challenging myself to be greater. What I love the most is working and meeting with the most wonderful, fascinating people. I consider the corporate world my natural habitat, so to speak.

Working in this environment gives me the industry edge that I need and allows me to both observe and participate in the evolution of the company along with the way career models are altered to fit the changing market.


In my career, I have worked hard to develop Talent Management and High Potential programs. Since beginning my work, I have presided over several interviews along with assessment centers and have learned how to access different levels of organizations, giving me the insider’s knowledge of what makes companies consider a person a valued employee or a potential one.

During this work, I have recognized some important patterns about how people communicate with one another; how they behave and their thought processes in order to determine what it is that makes them successful; and, how they have achieved such high status in the corporate world.


It is this knowledge that I am passionate about sharing with you. I want you to have the skills and the understanding that will help you succeed, but I also want you to understand the attitudes and behaviors one needs to take on in order to be a likable employee-one who excels at networking. People prefer to work alongside those whose company they enjoy, and I believe that this is one of the most important bits of knowledge that I could ever impart to you.


I aim to inspire you and your dreams. I am confident that everyone is able to transform his or her typical jobs into fulfilling, lifelong careers. I care deeply for everyone not just the privileged few. I will help you become the best you that you can be.


I want you to achieve the same level of success that I have. I was promoted more quickly than anyone else in my department was, and in three years, I became a zonal manager, moving up from simply being an analyst. This promotion was unprecedented, and I got there by using the same strategies that I will teach you; I want to show you exactly what went into that change and how you can get the same results.


It was recently that I realized the remarkable joy I feel in being active in this environment, not just for the profit but for the charity work I get to do as well. I mentor students that come from underprivileged backgrounds and have a burning desire to gain success in their academics as well as their ultimate career. Assisting others and teaching them how to perform at their best excites me like none other, and it is certainly the most rewarding feeling of my career, and perhaps, even my life.


With a background in clinical psychology, I am able to feel intense levels of empathy. I am also able to look holistically at a client and understand that when a certain part of their life is not working out, their career won't either. I strive to figure this out and help work around these weak spots. I am fully CIPD certified so you can stay assured you will be given quality advice from me.

My good friends and numerous clients have described my style as encouraging, motivating, friendly, personable, honest, unique and totally authentic.

Please don't hesitate to contact me. It would fill me with insurmountable joy to be able to help you.

Working together, we can find your unique success formula and achieve anything.