My Dear Fellow Expat

1 year ago   -   Posted by Rafal Muchowicz in Development

My Dear Fellow Expat,

I know how it is, I am one too

however  it saddens me deeply when I see many of you

living below standard you could achieve.

You came here with purpose

yet sometimes you don’t even try. Be open to people. Don’t shut yourself down.

You can achieve anything with new friends around. Come out of your shell and fight limiting believes you have in your mind.

Who said it’s gonna be easy,

it definitely will not.

You’ll have to fight harder,

few times be knocked.

You left your family and friends behind

to try something new,

for that dear friend I give my kudos to you.

You will better your life for those loved ones too.  

Don’t surround yourself only with those from the same country as you.

They won’t be able to help you, they are newcomers like you.

If you want to have friends you have to try hard

make effort so they get to know you for the diamond you are.

The fake stories they fed you, completely not true.

You can be someone in your new country too.

Don’t believe what they said “you will be no one there”. This is not true.

You can be someone I promise that to you.

Language is the key so learn it fast

to live without limits, reach for new heights.

You can open new doors, prove them they were wrong. All you have to do is remain super strong.

Confidence in your abilities is a must. Some people will bring you down some will lift you up but please don’t give up.

Don’t worry about opinions

People are entitled to have, let them not impact you,

do what you gotta do.

Brexit or Trump really? Who cares? Hater will hate as simple as that.

Their hate is theirs to deal with.

You live and get closer to your ultimate dream.

As long as you work

trust me it’s fine, through your uniqueness those countries can thrive.

Who said it’s gonna be easy, probably it will not. You chose this path for a reason

So don’t you give up.

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