Free Career Coaching Event 9th April 2018 only on my Facebook Group

2 years ago   -   Posted by Rafal Muchowicz in Development

Like it, post it, comment it, share it but don’t ignore it!!! Call me crazy or insane but in anticipation of my free webinar to be launched in May teaching about Rapid career progression I am inviting everyone to join me on my Facebook group “Success and Career” and experience career coaching. Starting from 9th April 2018 I will post 10 questions in 10 days, 1 question a day. What I need from you is to reflect and give answers. You don’t have to write these publicly (unless you want to). Those answers are for your eyes only. I performed this session with young and mid level professionals associated in Employees Resource Groups in my company (50 employees attending) and I received raving reviews afterwards. They said it had been life changing experience and they had never experienced anything similar. I know you will love it!!! During those ten days we will define your goals. You will gain clarity regarding goals you want to fulfil, you will look at resources and opportunities around you and define steps to achieve your goal and much more. Please join me and invite others to benefit from this exciting opportunity.

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